13 Sep 2015

Introduction to Equity School

Hi! I am Guruji, a capital market professional with passion for investing. I intend to make this as my virtual education platform to share knowledge and build investing competency among readers. I intend to cover various issues related to value investing, asset allocation, theoretical aspects of investing, etc on this website. Comments from like-minded individuals are invited. You can reach me at mail@equityschool.in 
The school (website J) shall be divided into three sections as follows:
a) Great Investors
b) Novice
c) Advanced

Click on any of the section from the Menu bar at the top of the website to straightaway jump to that section. If you give your one hour daily to EquitySchool, I promise that within one year, you shall be a much better investor than before.
So wish you all the best in this educational journey. Happy Learning!

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